4 of the best: Complexion warmers for pasty skin

Complexion warmers for pasty skin

We’re getting there, winter’s nearly over, and boy does my pasty skin know it. A season in hibernation, from covering-up to enjoying the central heating, takes its toll on our complexions. And if like me, you have pale skin, it somehow gets even paler.

I’m no Emma Stone, with fair skin that looks iridescent all year round. Instead, I’m the kind of pale that fluctuates in the seasons, so much so that at this time of year unless I do something about it, people will comment on it. ‘Are you ok? You look really pale,’ was a common question I used to get asked. People obviously thought I looked unhealthy, and I agreed with them. And so started my obsession with complexion warmers, because there are some truly amazing products out there that will warm-up even the most pasty skin tones.

Before you think, she’s talking about fake tan. Let me stop you. I am (well, mainly), but I’m not talking about the products that make you look as orange as an ex Love Island contestant. I’m praising the face self-tanners that will give pasty skin its mojo back and look so natural that you’ll want to park the foundation.

And speaking of foundation, a common beauty mistake people make instead of using these products is to go a shade up in their coverage. You may even have been told to do this at a beauty counter when being shade matched. But don’t, this will make you look orange. Your foundation should blend in and be invisible. The only make-up product that warms up a complexion is called bronzer, and anyone on a beauty counter that tells you otherwise should be sacked.

Before I waffle on some more, these are my favourite finds. For the most natural glow, make sure exfoliation is part of your skincare routine, and start with the minimum drops if it’s a build-able colour. Apply as part of your night-time routine for ease, once or twice a week.


Lancome Flash Bronzer Self-Tanning Face Gel, £26

This has long been a favourite of mine, because the gel texture makes it quick and easy to blend in. One application before bed and you wake-up with a natural glow. Apply second night in a row for a deeper colour.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops, £19.95

Simply mix with your favourite moisturiser. Add up to 12 drops, obviously the more you add the darker the glow. For a natural look, I recommend starting with 3.

Tan-Luxe Sleep Oil, £34

The hydrating pick, so great for normal to dry skin types. Massage 6-10 drops onto face at bedtime. Couldn’t be easier! Again, start with the lowest number.

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow, £35

If fake-tan isn’t your thing, try this clever tinted moisturiser. Once blended, and you should blend it well, it works with your skin tone adding natural tan pigments warming up your complexion.

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