The best mascaras for fuller-looking, smudge-free lashes

The best mascaras for fuller-looking, smudge-free lashes

One of the top questions I continuously get asked is what’s the best mascara to buy that doesn’t smudge under the eyes. So, I thought I’d share what I always tell people. You have to opt for a waterproof formula. Yes it’s that simple! Don’t think, like most people, these are just for taking on a beach-break. If you’re prone to panda-eyes (like me) you need to make a switch. And if you’ve been put off by them in the past, because it can be a nightmare to remove, you’re missing a simple trick (more on that later).

I can honestly say in my ten years working as a beauty journalist there isn’t an existing mascara that I’ve not tried (well here in the UK anyway). A mascara is my desert-island beauty essential. I have short, blonde lashes, so they need all the help they can get.  It’s one of the beauty products that I get super excited to put to the test, because they differ so much in performance.

In my eyes (no pun intended), a great mascara should enhance the shape of your eye with thicker, more defined lashes – with no clumping insight and definitely stay smudge-proof all day. These two tick every box, and are the best waterproof mascaras on the market. If you do convert, the trick to taking it off with ease is using an oil cleanser – for my favourites click HERE.


Avon Mark. Big and Extreme Mascara, normally £8.50 but on sale for £4.85 here

Don’t let the bright orange packaging or price fool you! This works wonders at building volume. My lashes have never looked as thick without extensions from mascara alone. And it passes the true smudge-proof test, as it doesn’t even budge on my lower lashes.


Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara, £25, BUY IT HERE

It’s no secret that Lancome do such a brilliant range of mascaras, but this has long been my favourite because nothing gives my lashes the volume they crave like this wand. I took this away on around-the-world trip, and nothing could budge it – from tropical rainstorms to long days at the beach.


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