The dry skin saviours that cure the autumn itch

The dry skin saviours that cure the autumn itch

It happens the same time every year, the temperatures drop, I turn the heating on and the skin on my legs and arms instantly turn red, itchy and starts to peel. The autumn itch from dry skin has arrived! What’s more I start to break out mainly on my chest, shoulders and the back of my neck. My skin is just not comfortable with the change in season, it’s suffering from seasonal stress, and like so many things in life it’s tempting to just cover it up and forget about it. Except I can’t, because I’m itchy, very itchy, and I know neglecting my skin will only make it worse.

The colder weather, heating, long hot showers and even our winter woollies all have a part to play. These aren’t things I can do anything about – well I could turn the temperature down in the shower and on the radiator.  But, what I have learnt is a little extra beauty TLC with a few clever products with the right ingredients really make a difference…


Just like a healthy looking complexion, exfoliation is an absolute must to getting skin feeling and looking healthy again, yet so many of us don’t do it – or only do it in the summer. Buffing away those dry, dead skin cells not only lets new healthy ones come to the surface, but they also aid the penetration of your moisturiser. I love a good salt scrub and my go-to has always been Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub, £13, because it’s packed with nourishing oils that leaves skin super silky. But recently I’ve swapped it out for the new Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Body and Gentle Mitt Cleanser, £19. This isn’t a scrub, but a beautifully super moisturising body wash that comes with an exfoliation mitt. It has literally transformed my skin. For my full review click HERE.


You know the importance of a good body moisturiser, but with the beauty shelves covered in them, it can be hard to choose one that is actually going to make a difference. I’m sure you’ve heard of the moisturising wonder-ingredient hyaluronic acid that retains 1000 times its own weight in moisture, but did you know it’s not just for the face anymore as more and more body products contain the clever moisture-boosting ingredient. I’m a big fan of Cerave Moisturising Cream, £12, and I like to layer it on top of Bio-Oil, £14.99, massaged into my shins and elbows.

If you skin is particularly rough and bumpy, along with the dryness, you may be suffering from keratosis pilaris or ‘chicken skin’. You’re not alone as around a third of the population has it. I have a mild form, and always turn to the brilliant products from Ameliorate especially formulated for the skin condition from a fellow sufferer. The richest cream in the range Ameliorate Transforming Body Cream, £27.50, is my favourite at this time of year, as it really makes my skin look and feel better.


To deal with body pimples, I always keep Murad Clarifying Body Spray, £35, on stand-by. For me, nothing works better than a salicylic acid formula to really exfoliate deep down into the pores and that’s exactly what this is. It comes in a genius bottle with a 360 degree nozzle, so you can get to the hard to reach areas. It honestly is a miracle worker!

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