The hair gloss treatment that makes your colour last longer

best hair gloss treatment

Walking out the salon with that freshly hair-coloured feeling, is such a confidence-booster. And as superficial as it may sound, when my strands look vibrant and glossy, it makes me feel good inside too. It’s such a shame it’s an expensive beauty maintenance in both time and cost, so I’ve learn’t to do all the tricks in the haircare book to keep it looking freshly-coloured for as long as possible. I’m good friends with dry shampoo, so I wash it less often, and I use sulphate-free shampoos (more gentle on coloured-strands) – remembering to turn the heat down when rinsing.

But no matter how well you look after your coloured-hair, it’s inevitable that dreaded dullness takes over somewhere in-between appointments. And that’s when you need an at-home hair gloss (sometimes also called a hair glaze) to fight the colour fade in your haircare arsenal. A product that, in my opinion, isn’t being hailed a haircare-hero enough. Let me introduce you to it, and the best hair gloss treatment I’ve tried…

What is a hair gloss?

A hair gloss is a treatment to use at home that boosts the shine of your hair and if you use a tinted version, it enhances the colour too. You normally leave them on for a short amount of time and then rinse. They are that simple to use. It’s a hair product that seems to have gone under the beauty radar some what, but after some digging I found out that’s because so few are available here in the UK and nothing in the budget range. Sorry folks!

The best hair gloss treatment

Rita Hazan True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss, £25

This is my go-to hair gloss treatment. It’s a foaming gloss and is super simple to use. Simply leave on for 3 minutes in-between shampoo and conditioner. It comes in different shades including blonde (the one I use), brass, brown and red. And there’s a clear one if you’re just looking for shine.

If you’ve not heard of Rita Hazan, she is a hair-colourist god, based in New York. She’s been responsible for iconic looks on some of the biggest names, including Beyonce. And her products of which there are many brilliant ones, are available in the UK exclusive to Selfridges.

I’m obsessed with this hair gloss because my hair has never looked so shiny, and not in that greasy way blonde can sometimes look when you add product to it, but in an oozing health way. And it keeps my highlights as bright and fresh, as when they were coloured. All in all, it’s saving me money in the long run, as I don’t have to go to the salon as often – the £21 is well spent. What’s not to love! Try it, and let me know what you think.

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